Portfolio Planner

Enterprise Demand and Selection Management

Simulate what-ifs and Gain Insights Before Choosing Your Project Portfolios.

Real-time data for real world decisions

Forecasting is not a core strength of Microsoft PPM, specifically when it comes to funds and demand and capacity planning. Portfolio Planner fills that gap and helps you make data-driven decisions conveniently and thoroughly.


  • Root out repeat and low value projects from your proposed projects.
  • Evaluating competing projects without the lengthy effort of creating Project schedule.
  • Compute the optimized strategic value within your budget.
  • Optimize the competing projects by budget and resource capacity.
  • Enable fact-based, strategic decision-making with user voting.

Choosing the wrong projects waste budget and resources tremendously. But when facing many projects competing for resources, decisions can be both daunting and uncertain. This app does the math and helps you:



Centralize Demand Intake

Streamline data collection for all types of projects and ideas using an online portal for enterprise project investment planning.

Perform What-if Analysis the Easy Way

Simulate combinations of projects and programs and identify optimal project portfolios by analyzing budget/cost and resource viability for proposed projects. No Project Schedule required.

Tap Collective Intelligence

Use online voting and scoring to get feedback from key internal customers and stakeholders. Early buy-in leads to higher staff engagement.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Analyze cost-benefit for proposed projects, actual net profit, ROI, and NPV for investment and more.

Analytics and Reporting

Measure performance of and share progress with dashboards and visualizations. Gain a complete view of portfolio performance of all your projects.

Trend Analysis

Compare budgets, benefits, funding, ROI, and KPI to historic portfolios.

Fund Management

Initiate, track and approve fund requests.

GIS Mapping

Know where your investments are. Identify project locations on maps with map objects, and view them on a GIS map with popups of project properties.

Budget & Fund Estimating

Easily track budget and fund estimates for proposed projects based on historical data to evaluate overall impact.


Portfolio Planner is Microsoft Project Online Portfolio Analysis without the constraints & limitations. Get it as part of our Microsoft PPM implementation or as a standalone tool for your project portfolio decisions.

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