Custom Microsoft PPM

Custom Microsoft PPM implementation addresses your unique processes and needs in a high-touch fashion.


Custom Microsoft PPM Implementation 

Who Is It For?

It’s typically for larger engagement. It can be one to two years long.

It’s for clients wanting to ensure the solution being adopted at enterprise level.

It’s for clients with a unique set of needs compared to other people.

It’s for clients who have stringent requirements or well formalized processes. Often their institutional documentations needs exceed typical use.

“I am glad you’ve met our friends at EPM Solutions. Greg and his team have a phenomenal base of knowledge around project management theory, and the practical application of it all using Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint.”




Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment

We start with customized, comprehensive, requirement gathering to understand your unique needs, gaps and desired goals. We meet with client sponsors and project leaders to discuss potential risks, both general and those unique to your organization, and we develop a concrete plan collaboratively to address them.

Customer Envisioning

We provide a series of workshops and facilitate discussion to help key stakeholders and users at all levels to understand the capabilities and impact of the PPM tool. We teach project teams not just technical skills but how to thrive in the culture this tools brings—a culture of transparency and accountability.

Ensure Critical Early Success

Achieving early success is critical. We make sure your core team is well on its way to reaping the benefits from the tool so they can be the evangelists of the tool when you are ready to roll it out to a large audience. This means we maintain regular contact, support whatever is needed, and go onsite if required, to ensure a 100% success of pilot.

Adoption Champion

We assess gaps in skills, people’s resistance and concerns. We then create an adoption plan and we support the adoption process through group training and one-on-one interactions. We know how to build excitement of the tool and to deliver the solution that brings immediate value to your user groups.

What are you missing out?   

Find out if you are using only 20% of what PPM can do.  


Application Integration

Connecting with other applications, such as SAP or Dynamics AX, can be of tremendous value but it has been costly, until now. With our Integration Gateway tool, you can connect Microsoft PPM with more than many applications you use every day. Read More

Migration with Minimum Downtime

Move to updated, cloud-based Microsoft Project Online can be tricky, but you are in good hands with us. Migrations we have done include migration of third party PPM tool and older version of Project Server to Project Online.

Advisory and Support

We can free your team from supporting your Project Server or Project Online while making suggestions to improve your solutions so you can use Microsoft PPM to its full potential. You will have a dedicated support portal to document and track all support tickets, which also serves as a knowledge base for your team.

Turnkey Reports

Project intelligence is critical in empowering everyday users to make better and faster decisions. As a Gold Certified Partner by Microsoft in Business Intelligence, we have certified report developers and skills above other PPM partners.


EPM Solutions team migrated a third party PPM tool and implemented Microsoft Project Server for three divisions at the Department of Treasury.



On-premise Microsoft Project Portfolio Management tool – Project Server – is still a frequent choice for federal government agencies and government contractors serving Department of  Defense. Click the links to see how they are leveraging Project Server we implemented.  

Capital Program Management Solution

Built on Microsoft Project Server and Project Online, CIP-PPM is our Capital Program Management Solutions app for managing public works, construction, and capital planning projects for organizations managing physical assets such as local government.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between FasTrack and Custom implementation?

In a nutshell, Custom PPM Implementation gives you exactly what you wanted, and FasTrack implementation is a best practice style set up that is much quicker and more economical. In other words, FasTrack is you adapting to a solution with industry standards and commonly used features, while Custom PPM is the solution that is tailored made to suit exactly to the way you work. More about FasTrack Implementation is here.

Is Microsoft PPM as good as CA Clarity or Planview?

We are a Microsoft partner, so we are biased here, but we believe a PPM solution tightly integrated with many productivity tool you use every day offers serious advantage. Further more, with modular apps extending the functionalities for finance management and instant capacity planning, capital construction project management, Microsoft PPM solutions is one PPM tool for the entire enterprise that can start with a team or a department and grow enterprise wide.

How to choose a partner for Microsoft Project Online or Project Server consulting?

Look for Microsoft Gold Partner certified in project portfolio management. If you need to generate comprehensive reports, you need to look for PPM partners also certified with business intelligence competency. If you need more advance financial management capabilities, look for a company with that experience.

Which is best for me: Project Server or Project Online?

Project Online, the cloud-based Microsoft PPM, has perpetual updates, 24/7 support and a much faster time to market. Project Server, the on-premise option of Microsoft PPM, is often perceived more secure, hence it is a frequent choice for our government agencies clients over the past 15 years. However, Project Online has recently earned the highest possible security certifications including HIPPA and Government compliance (FedRAMP). DOD Level 5 PA is also granted to Microsoft Azure. This clears way for government entities to utilize Project Online with greater confidence with their data security.