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Losing control of your projects? Can’t keep track of resources? Tired of getting unreliable reports? Choose FasTrack. 

Brian Martin

Director, Strategic Data
Momentive Performance Materials

“Instead of having to spend weeks and months to understand what we need, EPM Solutions already knew what we wanted. FasTrack literally took half the time from the initial interview to the completed delivery of a fully integrated working system that could immediately start returning value back to the organization.”

Molecular Insights Pharmaceutical

“We are very pleased with the quality and the speed of your technical support. I love the scripted approach. The templates are very useful. Greg and his team guided me through with no frustrations. We were given expert advice on what we needed to do!”

FasTrack PPM Solutions


Project and Resource
Management with Drag-n-Drop Capacity Planning

All out-of-box Project Plan 3, Project Essentials, and add-in capabilities for a robust solution in managing project scheduling, project portfolio reporting, resource allocation and forecast, time and task, collaborations, documents, risk and issues, and basic project cost management. What’s more, you also get a much improved, drag-and-drop capacity planning tool that helps you manage demand and prioritizing projects on the fly.

Solution delivery:
4 weeks


Enterprise Finance Management & Integration

Excel is wonderful but it’s not designed to manage project financials and costs. Enterprise Finance Management Module can save you time and avoid costly errors by automating the planning, tracking and managing of your project financials. It provides top-down budgeting planning and tracking, including CapEx/OpEx, planned/actual/forecast, and goes beyond just cost information from Project Schedule.  

Solution delivery: 4-8 weeks


Enterprise Demand & Selection Management

Add Enterprise Demand and Selection Management feature to the FasTrack Microsoft PPM for easier and better evaluation and selection of your proposed projects and ideas. This is a much improved capability comparing to that of out-of-box Project Server or Project Online. No more “round peg in a square hole.” Eliminate annoyance and increase adoption.

Solution delivery:
4 weeks

Who can benefit from FasTrack Microsoft PPM?

FasTrack is not for everyone. For organizations with unique and complex needs, Custom Microsoft PPM is the right way to go. FasTrack Microsoft PPM solution is best suitable for:


If you say, keep it simple, give me the best practices, make it ready to go quickly; FasTrack Microsoft PPM is for you. It brings everyone on the same page, help your team accomplish more projects on time without being bogged down with unnecessary complexity.


New PMO has great responsibilities to deliver projects successfully, and an exciting challenge to demonstrate the value of the new organization. Lack of visibility to your projects and resources can result in a tremendous loss due to not having a tool to help you track and report and timely course correct. Besides, a new PMO can easily benefit from standardizing your project management processes. FasTrack PPM can be implemented quickly and is a stepping stone to gaining project management maturity.

Large organizations

Use this to replace the skim-the-surface Project Online trial and get real immersing experience with a core group. Learn more about this tool from the fully configured solution with your data. If you decide a full-blown customized solution is for you, FasTrack is your blueprint to springboard into it.

OOTB Microsoft PPM vs. FasTrack Microsoft PPM

OOTB Microsoft PPM

Microsoft PPM is building blocks, not a solution. Like any enterprise technology, project portfolio management software is innately complex. Though not always the case, often attempting to implement this tool without a qualified partner can cause many unforeseen issues, including tremendously delayed time-to-market and adoption issues.

FasTrack Microsoft PPM

FasTrack Microsoft PPM is a ready-to-move-in house, not a custom built house, but it has what most people wanted in a “house”. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you can leverage industry best practices and our years of intellectual property. In a short time, you can have a reliable enterprise-class project portfolio management tool.

PPM is innately complex. Get the blueprint with FasTrack, a turn-key solution ready to go.

Delivers what works right out of (our) box.


Best-practice configuration are those tried-and-true for many of our clients. It eliminates those that do not work well, common pain points, detours and frustrations that slow your organization down, and delivers what works right out of (our) box.


We have fixed many imperfections of the out-of-box tool. Those imperfections from the product or from the configuration can lead to “death by a thousand cut.” FasTrack comes with prefixes which we call “Adoption Features.” For example, our “One-Click Approval” feature allows you to approve items anywhere without having to login and going through a three-step process. Do we all have the experience that we could not get something done because we could not get the password right? This type of features reduces frustration and increases adoption.


Missing features limit what you can do. Having the right tool makes the world of difference when it comes to whether certain work gets done. For example, Our Capacity Planner that comes with FasTrack allows you to effortlessly model your resource capacity against demand, and help you make defensive decisions to not take on too many projects you can’t deliver. Proper resource capacity planning is the secret to maximizing your resource capacity while providing clear visibility on people’s work load.

Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee & Satisfaction Guarantee

FasTrack PPM comes with well-defined scope and deliverables with a fixed fee, so you never need to worry about going over budget, and never need to worry about not getting what you paid for.



With FasTrack Project Online you get an out-of-box project and resource managmenet solution that you can further customize as you gain more familiarity with the tool.

Optional Add-ons

More Features

Just like you can add a sun room to your house, you can add modules such as project financial management module or capital planning module to your PPM system.

Support & Training

Training and Support

Fully integrated with Office 365 cloud, Project Online infrastructure is supported by Microsoft 24/7/365. Your solution from us comes with training, support and maintenance as well.

Perpetual Updates

Perpetual Updates

Leave it to us to keep your system up to date, fix bugs and bring innovative new features.



Integration is available with financial app and agile tools such as Oracle, Dynamix AX, Jira, Version One and many more.

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See how FasTrack Microsoft PPM saved Momentive and Medical University of Ohio half the time and half the cost. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Additional questions? Email us:

What is FasTrack Microsoft PPM?

Fast-tracked implementation of Microsoft PPM is our innovative approach, it is followed by other partners, demonstrating our thought leadership in the Microsoft PPM partner community. At the core, FasTrack Microsoft PPM is a solution designed and developed based on typical needs of organizations at different PPM maturity level, and industry best practices honed from over 500 PPM implementations for a wide range of industries.

Why does FasTrack Microsoft PPM cost much less?

In FasTrack Microsoft PPM solution, we have made some decisions for you based on what most of our clients want. This lets us deliver PPM solutions more quickly and efficiently. Time is also saved partially by cutting down the extensive discovery process and removing custom development (coding). All we have done in the last 16 years equips us with the knowledge of the common needs in PPM an enterprise has, and we have developed a program ready to go to respond to those common needs.

What differentiates your best practice deployment model from other similar programs?

You have to have done a lot of implementations for a wide range of industries to synthesize “best practices”. It is from those engagements with many enterprise clients we discovered what most customers want and common success factors. As such these Fast-track implementations are using our success formula, as well as many of our intellectual properties.

Is FasTrack Microsoft PPM for Project Online only?

No. It is for both Project Online and Project Server, though most of FasTrack implementation customers choose Project Online over on-premise Project Server. In both cases, the solution allow CIO, PMO, project leaders, resource managers, project managers and team members to have the same role-based access, they can collaborate, manage projects, allocate resources and perform instant capacity planning for future work.