Greetings to you, our customers and customers-in-process:

Starting this week, all high-touch points of a PPM implementation, Planning and Envisioning Phase and the Training and Go-live Phase, will be virtual. We will use tools such as Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting and video calls to facilitate discussions, presentations, and knowledge transfers.

We are grateful for our customers and each other. Our team put together some things to support you in the coming weeks or months:

1. If you need to have refresher training, or need more users to be more proficient using the Project Online tool, we are able to schedule live, virtual training.

2. If you need a tool to manage projects and collaborate online, we can set up Project Online in 2-3 weeks that comes with standard, pre-built workflow, forms and reports that your team can leverage immediately. 

3. If you have Project Online but it’s not working properly or you need support to get it fully functional, we can provide you remote advisory services.

Fully equipped to work from home, our teams here have managed the shift smoothly. No interruption is expected to your implementation and support contract, we will continue to deliver at the highest level of performance, availability and security. Together we persevere in all the days and years ahead.

Your PPM solution, your project management and collaboration tool, is critically important, for it to be available and optimal, so your teams can work remotely and optimally. We’re committed to going extra miles as your partner. Any PPM needs, questions or ideas, please contact me.

Sophia | 415.818.2600 |
EPM Solutions | People-Project-Performance | PPM Gold Partner