Microsoft commissioned Forrester to perform an independent study on Project Online ROI to understand the cost savings and business benefits of implementing Office 365 PPM.  Here are the highlights.

  • Improved visibility into project performance reduced project budget overruns by 5%. Excluding labor costs, visibility into project performance allowed organizations to make timely decisions and address issues as they arose, preventing project delays and reducing budget overruns by $2,629,761 over three years.
  • Increased project management performance and project throughput generated $1,864,209 in savings over three years. Office 365 PPM, by streamlining reporting and reducing the amount of administrative workload on project managers, allowed them to be more productive and increase their annual project throughput by 14%.
  • Improved resource management led to $3,103,119 of savings over three years. Office 365 PPM provides the ability for resource pools to be more effectively managed while improving alignment of skillsets.
  • Migrating to a cloud-based SaaS PPM solution allowed organizations to save $162,000 annually. In addition to a reduction in annual maintenance and infrastructure cost avoidance, organizations were able to save an additional $360,000 in avoiding the upgrade of their on-premises project management software.

You can read the entire study: The_Total_Economic_Impact_Of_Microsoft_Office_365_PPM