What put a smile on my face yesterday? Seeing the Apria Healthcare delivery truck. For those who don’t know, Apria Healthcare is the largest provider of home health care products in America. It serves millions of patients across all 50 states. Our Microsoft PPM implementation at Apria is a Project Server Success Story for health care.


Like many of our customers, Apria had numerous projects going on, but lacked an effective tool that enabled its project team to collaborate, manage, and report on a variety of projects. Executives were left in the dark with risks that could not be spotted and corrected early on, resource utilization didn’t have visibility and capacity planning was not an option.


When Apria reached out to us, we knew we had the answer. This is our specialty. Being dedicated to Microsoft Project Portfolio Management tools including Project Server, Project Online, and SharePoint, we could bring Project Management, Resource Management, Reporting and Collaboration capabilities to them, helping them tackle those challenges, and ultimately giving Team Apria the tools and processes needed to deliver more projects successfully.


Although I have always been a very healthy person and don’t see myself needing medical care any time soon, I’d like to think that if one day I needed oxygen delivered to my home, like many of Apria’s patients do, I can trust their equipment and services.


Just as important, if not more so, their genuine caring that shines through might just be the highlight of any patient’s day. For that, I say to Team Apria, you are not in the business just to deliver medical equipment; you are in the business to deliver love and compassion to people in difficult times.
In the end, being able to help a customer gain real benefits from working with EPM Solutions makes me proud. Every time I see an Apria truck, or see a company we’ve worked with in the news or on the road, I proudly say, “That is our customer.”


If your organization needs Microsoft enterprise project portfolio management solution, head over to contact and let us know how we can help you.