In response to a recent poll “What character has backed up his or her leadership skills with the best HAIR?” posted by Intuit CEO Brad Smith (as part of his “Oscars for Leadership Lessons”), I voted Rosenfeld from American Hustle, played by Christian Bale.


Rosenfeld has a hilarious comb-over hairstyle. For most of us, such a look is a bit embarrassing – it doesn’t help our confidence. But Rosenfeld is obviously quite at ease with what he’s got on his head.


Adding to that women-repellent hairstyle, Rosenfeld also has a belly that he bares proudly.  If we ladies had such “extras,” we’d probably put on three layers of Spanx to “hold it all in” and even with that, we may still feel self-conscious about it. Not Rosenfeld. He not only shows it, but also allows touches and fondles.


What makes Bale’s character a charming, charismatic leading man in the movie?


First, he is very comfortable with himself, and that bespeaks confidence. Someone who is comfortable with himself is appealing. But confidence alone never makes someone charming; if not careful, confidence can even come across as arrogance.


Second, he brings heart to the mix. He showed us his sweet love toward his girl; he bared his vulnerability (so cute); he later risked his butt to make things right.


What a real man he is. My heart melted, and my eyes softened and even teared up at the end. How can anyone not love him, bad hair, belly and all?


Here is a little poem I wrote on “charisma”

Push is not, pull is.
Rigidity is not, fluidity is.


Play small is not, being humble is.
Aggressive is not, assertive is.


Intimidating another is not, empowering is.
Cruelty is not, kindness is.


Fear is not, courage is.
Revenge is not, forgiveness is.


Be a victim is not, be the change is.
Win at all costs is not, balance is.


Self-righteousness is not, open-mindedness is.
Just talk is not, lead by example is.